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24/7 Support: +256-773-547-331

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24/7 Support: +256-773-547-331



The Faith Center Church of all Nations is really a strong prophetic church under the Kimera Ministries and is led by the annoited man of God, Prophet Elijah Kimera James. Our Ministry and church, is located in Kiteezi- Kabwoko. For clear directions and location, click on the contact us Link. CONTACT US


Our services are as follows: on Sundays, we have a general service and the anointed Man Of God prays for all the people with various problems and diseases. Gates are open from 5AM then the registration of the new members starts at that time and it ends at 7AM.

On Tuesdays we have bible studies from 3PM up to 6PM. On Wednesdays we have a deliverance service and the Anointed Man Of God prays for all the people with every kind of diseases and problems. Our Church gates are open at 6AM then the registration of the new members starts at that time and it ends at 8am.

Every Thursdays is a day of counseling from 6am up to 1pm. We also welcome you to the Faith Centre Church of All Nations and The Kimera Ministries are powerful and a life changing Ministries on every Sundays so that you can witness the power of the lord through his servant Prophet Elijah Kimera James. Luke 10:19.

Dont be afraid and loose hope all your problems that are disturbing you, Jesus has the answer for you at the Kimera Ministries, and i tell you to have faith and know that all your problems are going to come to an end in one place and its the Faith Centre Church of all Nations and the Kimera Ministries. Mark 16:17




We request you to stand with, the Kimera Ministries as you offer any assistance towards the good work of God. It doesnt matter where your coming from or where you are, Jesus Christ will multiply 1000 times in every little or much thing you would manage to offer to this Ministry.Jesus will give you a blessing in whatever little or big you would have offered.The bible says in the book of Deutronomy 28:1-13 that "And it shall come to pass,if you shall hear deligently unto the voice of the Lord your God, to observe and to do all his commandments which i command you this day,that the lord your God will set you on high above all nations of the earth. And all these blessings shall come on you, and overtake you, if you shall hear unto the voice of the lord your God, blessed shall you be in the city and blessed shall you be in the field, blessed shall be the fruit of your body and the fruit of your groung, and the fruit of your herds, the increase of your cattle and the flocks of your sheep

Anyone who wuold like to support God's work please use Account Number 0100241812800 in the names of kimera James Elijah, Standard Charteerd Bank.And anyone who will send his or her offering through mobile money account of the church, this is the mobile money number of church +256773547331 in the names of Elijah Kimera James. May the lord bless you as you come to be prayed for by the anointed man of God prophet Elijah Kimera James and may God bless you as you offer anything little or big you have to this ministry. You are most welcome to the Faith Centre Church of all Nations and the kimera Ministries.




Praise God brethren, I am prophet Elijah Kimera James from the Faith Centre Church of All Nations and The Kimera Ministries which is a powerful and a life changing Ministries in Uganda. Our church is located at Lusanja Kabwoko about 10kms from Kampala city centre.

Bring all the peoples with diseases as follows, the lame who walk with crunches, those with fractured bones, those with cosets around their waists, those with fractured neck bones and you have cosets around your neck, women who are even over 20yrs barren, men with low man power, women with heamolage of blood, those who have heamolage of pus from their ears, those with un-successful operations, those mad, those who are epileptic, those who are diabetic, those with high blood pressure, those who are paralysed, the blind, those with misfortunes and marriage failures, those with intestinal cancer, those with breast cancer, everyone who is jobless with financial failures and losses, those with demon attacks which comes every night and you become sleepless, i call upon all of you to come and be prayed for so that you may be healed, you would have moved in many places seeking for healing but all in vain, the only answer is to come to the faith church of all nations.

Those with Chronival diseases, Heart failure, Kidney and Liver failure, Swollen fallopian tubes, Spinal cord problems, Whooping cough and TB, hepatitis, HIV, Pnemonia, cancer of all types and many other diseases just come to the solution ground at the Kimera Ministries. Jesus Christ of Prophet Elijah Kimera James will answer your prayers,take the responsibility and tell even your friend to also come and receive his or her blessing.


Like our facebook page, Twitter, instagram all in the names of THE KIMERA MINISTRIES. You can also wish to email us on Our website as the folowing urL: You can also contact us on +256773547331 or +256785232600.




I am Prophet Elijah Kimera James. I Was Born and Raised at Nsambya,Kevina West, Kampala -Uganda. My Parents are Mr.Sserwadda Hassan and My Mother Is The Late Kabagenyi Gladys. I was Born in Nsambya Hospital in 1989 and am now 29 years.

I started My education at Mirembe Parents Primary School, Salaama, Kampala from nursery to P.1. Then i joined Nakinyuguzi Primary School located on Salaama Road from P.2 to P.3. Then they transferred me to Kisoga, Namanyonyi, Mukono District, Bugerere road.

I didn't go very far with my studies because maybe God had planned a job for me to do, I started my Journey In Salvation when i was 13 years. When i became saved my father Was very absurd and annoyed because in our Family we are All Moslems.


My father chased me away from home and he cursed me, but after some days, he called at home and i thought he was going to tell me something courageous, but what surprised me was to tell me that in this world i will either be a thief or a killer. All my relatives were so bitter and vexed about my decision of becoming saved yet they were all Muslims. But what surprises me today is that God chose me from all my family members to be the shining star of the family. Before being a Prophet, i searched for the Lord for more than 9 years and I found a lot of challenges because I was very Young and poor that made a lot of People to under estimate me thinking that am just forging whatever i was doing.

Even though many people always asked me why i joined salvation when i was very young, i was very firm because i knew it’s not only adults who must seek God and it helped me to know God fast and he knew me very fast too. At the time when i was entering my 10th year in salvation, that’s when God saw me and made me a Prophet. I was very excited after God answering my prayers and i promised him to Serve Him for Better and for worse because he made my enemies to scatter after showing them that when you insist on God He can’t live you the same way.



My first time to pray for the people after God choosing me was in October 2009. I started by going door to door praying for the people. Telling them Good News from the Lord and blessing them. But , afterwards I reached at a point when i was fed up of the door to door services then I started organizing God's people around some streets to pray for them, i used to gather and pray for them at Mulago Play-Grounds, Makerere Play-Grounds, at Sheraton Hotel Compounds, and In other places. People who didn't believe in Godly things always chased me away in whatever place i used to put God's people. Even though i had my own followers, God also brought even those who didn't believe in what i was doing.

Then after all that, Jesus held my hand and he took me to a volunteer who gave me a room at Old Kampala, near the Police Station for God's People to congregate from there. But again after sometime, Satan entered in one of the Congregators who became aginst my work and I was again chased away from that room but because Jesus cannot leave the one he chose.


He (Jesus Christ) brought me another volunteer who gave me another place at Kyebando-Bukoto Roundabout, along The Northern By-Pass route. At first i was very excited as a person who has not been left by Jesus and I spent 3 years in that place. But, as we all know that a person serving Jesus has to be challenged by Satan, that place i have told you before, after spending 3 years in it, and built a Church, i thought that everything had now stabilized because it was built in nice and very hard timber with iron sheets covering its top surface. What surprised me, after finishing all that, the owner of that Place told me to remove everything and i vacate in less than 3 months.

I wasn't afraid because i knew where God had brought me from. As a person i sat down and i thought where i was going to put the people of God because I had already spent all the money at the first Church. But that challenge came so that I can get my own place where i can be stable and after going through all that. At that very day when they told me to leave the place, the next day Jesus brought one of the congregators who gave me the land which at first i didn't believe, thinking that he may be like the other people who gave me the first places. But After Going To the Local Chairman, and we made the agreements that verified that he has officially gave me the land plus the Documents with my names and the names of the church, I was very excited and even the people didn't believe it, and even now it’s on that land where i built the church which i lead today.


I promised Jesus That according to the Good things he had done for me by that time, the Prize i will give to Him was to build a storey church (flat building) and I full filled that promise. But as i have told you above that i didn't have any Single money to start the building process, Jesus brought people from somewhere i didn't even knew and they started giving me the money which started the work of the Lord. But as you know that we, human beings don’t want to engage in things that are just starting, at that time i got another challenge when all the congregators which i had, started departing one by one and as we talk now i have only new members. I was very firm because i knew where God has brought me from and i decided to move with what i had.

Even though there is a lot needed for the completion of the church, I know God will do it for me and they will all be done soon. So that's the little side of my journey and myself though i left some. But am very happy that from all over the World Jesus Christ decided to chose me to be a powerful prophet and to give me power that all people around the world look for.



I decided to serve him and i can’t doom my blessing like others do because Jesus has brought me from very far. I am ready to pray for God's people around the world in every possible way, and everyone from every nations who would like to come in Uganda to visit the Kimera Ministries, am ready to welcome him or her so that he or she also receives his miracle because Jesus Christ cannot make prophet Elijah Kimera James to be a powerful prophet of all nations without a purpose or any action. From today everyone just know that i was chosen to be a Prophet of God So that I may help his people from all the problems they have in all nations. So for that note dear brethren, don’t be afraid of this great power God gave me. Just Know that He chose me to help you from your problems and diseases. So for that reason Lets Keep our friendship from today together with God of Prophet Elijah James of the kimera Ministries and the Faith Centre Church Of all Nations And The Kimera Ministries. We need more people from all Nations to join us to the Kimera Ministries not discriminating the followers, the pastors, the apostles and the prophets. We Invite you extend the Gospel of the Lord around all corners of the World. Lastly, i want to inform you that I am the Founder of the The Kimera Ministries and no one has helped me to lift this ministry apart from JESUS. We call upon every good Samaritan from all over the world to stand together with us in supporting the work of the lord to move forward as you offer anything little or big to this ministry then God will multiply 1000 times whatever you would offer.


Anything you want to send for the support of God's work, you can use the account number of the church 0100241812800 in the names of KIMERA JAMES ELIJAH. You Can Also Use A Mobile Money Number of The Church +256773547331 In the Names of KIMERA JAMES ELIJAH. The Bible says In the Book of Deuteronomy 28:1-13 that “And it Shall come to Pass, if you shall hear diligently unto the voice of the lord your God, to observe and to do all his commandments which i command you this day, that the lord your God will set you on high above all nations of the earth, and all these blessings shall come on you, and overtake you, if you shall hear unto the voice of the Lord your God, blessed shall you be in the city, and blessed shall you be in the field, blessed shall be the fruit of your body. And the fruit of your ground, and the fruit of your herds, the increase of your cattle, and the flocks of your sheep” For More Information You can Email us on MAY GOD BLESS YOU